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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

95... Hovis checked that the rings were there, Miss Ruffles engagement ring and her wedding ring were safely on the cushion. He knew he had to keep them safe. One slip and .....oh Hovis.. don't!   96... Hovis offered to carry the rings for Raffle and they all marched up the aisle to the sound of Trumpet Voluntary.
97... "Dearly Bearloved, we are gathered here today to join these two little bears in Holy matrimony"  began AC Bear. He talked to the little bears about , Faith, hope  and love, above all love. His sermon was very moving and all the bears listened to his story.  The congregation joined paws in celebration of this happy moment and AC Bear said it was time now for them to make their vows.   98... "I therefore ask , if there is any bear with any just cause or impediment as to why these two teddy's should not be joined in  ",.....A C bear stopped.....he heard a little voice and turned to see...none other than......
99... MISS ELLIE!! Raising a paw.. OH NO>>> Miss Ellie how could you, how did you get in????  Miss Ellie was indeed there and standing with her paw outstretched, still hoping for that last minute reprieve maybe..?? All the bears looked on IN HORROR...... Dinky started to growl...he was very tempted to grab the bottom of her dress...and PULLLLLLL......   100... Ellie stepped forward and curtsied to the Vicar, she had intended to step in and declare her undying love for Raffles.. but, now she was here.. she could see how happy he was and that Miss Ruffle looked so pretty, how could she spoil their day.. maybe she should just let bygones be bygones.. and well, the best man did look rather handsome? She started to speak.." Miss Ruffle you look like a Princess. I could not let today pass by without coming to give you both my blessing. Raffle is and always  was  a gentleman. You are marrying an honourable and sweet bear I wish you both health and happiness."  Everyone sighed with relief.. not least Raffle!



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