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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

101... With that she stepped back into the crowd and everyone relaxed..."close shave for Raffles" whispered Galileo to Ben.....   102... Rev A C stepped forward and and asked "who gives this bear to be  married today". Toddimus hesitated and looked to the floor, but soon spoke up. " I Toddimus Truffle give this bear" and stepped back. His work done.
103... The tiny  rings were blessed and the prayers shared with the other bears.   104... Ruffle and Raffle stepped forward to the rings and prayer book.
Do you Miss Ruffle,  take Raffles to be your  tedded husband......... I DO...she answered.
"Do you Raffles, take Miss Ruffle to be your  tedded. wife ... I DOOOO!
105... With that , the congregation all sighed with happiness and there were tears aplenty! A C Bear declared them husband and wife and told Raffle he may kiss his Bride..   106... Raffle had been counting the moments until this time.. After 8 minutes, Ruffle was starting to feel a little faint..".er.. thank you sweetheart she whispered.. I think that will do for now...?" But Raffle was in heaven...he could have stayed there for ever..



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