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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

107... The newlyweds posed for the official photographs, Miss Ruffle still reeling with the excitement to the point where she became precariously close to falling in the font.

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108... The little couple glowed with pride,

"Mr and Mrs R Raffle"

 It was official!

109... Outside all the family and friends were gathered for the  photographer. The sun was shining and everyone was happy to share this wonderful day. The two Dinky dogs found it very hard not to chase the lucky black cat.. and Galileo found it hard to be polite with Miss Ellie sitting on his shoulder...he still for some reason ..did not her??   110... The main family gathered on the grass for a less formal picture. The happy couple in the centre, with Maud and Alfie to Ruffles right and Hovis and Waffle to Raffle's left. Toddimus had managed to surprise Ruffle by bringing her two great Aunts along who insisted in being in the main picture. After all, they had been waiting all this time to wear those matching dresses. so they need to show off!
111... Everyone was excited to be in the photograph, Toddimus still above his daughters right shoulder, thinking about all the years he had missed with her. Would he be able to become part of their lives again, would he just return to America and move on ?...who could say.   112... Miss Ruffle was in heaven, at last she was Mrs Ruffle Raffle, but she would still be known as Miss R to her friends. Her dress and flowers were a picture, the photographer told her that it was along time since she had seen a prettier bride. Maybe she would make it to the Brides magazine she thought..



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