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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

113... The couple took to the photo shoot like professionals. Raffle breathed in to show off his superb "Simon Cowell" designer trousers. Miss Ruffle hoped that her dress would remain a family heirloom and that maybe one day she would be able to pass this on to one of her cubs?? But that of course is another story.   114... Raffle whispered in his wife's ear.. no-one could quite hear what he was saying...but Miss R blushed slightly and re-arranged her veil. Toddimus desperately tried to hear what he was whispering... Have YOU  any ideas???
115... The formal photographs as always, seemed to last for ever, but this Church was so very beautiful and Ruffle was loving all the attention. Raffle was just worried he may fall from the window , he is not good with heights.   116... The most beautiful sunshine shone through the Church porch window and before they moved on to the reception, the photographer asked for one more picture...YES! That's the one she shouted ..that's it...
117... All the bears gathered around as Raffle helped Miss Ruffle into the cart. With balloons and confetti and a cheer from the crowd, they were nearly ready to move on. The bells were ringing again and it was  time to leave. What a wonderful day...what a wonderful service and what a beautiful bride.   118... Ben threw the last pieces of confetti in celebration and wished the happy couple a pleasant ride. With that he turned the cart around and headed for the big gates...

  NOTE... For those of you who would like have a copy of this amazing wedding,  small souvenir Photo albums will soon be available on the website as a memento of this outstanding occasion! Please do flag your interest so we can arrange how many copies to produce. They really are VERY!! VERY!! Sweet!
119... They were off.. off to the reception... CONGRATULATIONS YOU SWEET BEARS! XX    



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