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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

132... From China they flew east and slightly JAPAN! Land of the rising sun. Ruffle fell in love with the mountains and the gardens. The goldfish were HUGE>>>Koi Ruffle ..KOI...They posed in front of the Bonsai gardens and Raffle held their little Cat Souvenir to remind them of their day in Japan.   133.... Ruffle and Raffle decided to be very very naughty and climbed way up into a Japanese lantern in the special gardens. Ruffle was very very nervous. she had horrible thoughts of how Raffle nearly fell in the font at the wedding and thought that this may be her turn for an accident... she hung onto her skirt and Raffle hung onto her!
134...The next flight was a long one...South America.. all the way to Mexico. They posed at the base of an Aztec ruin, Ruffle found the carvings and figure heads rather alarming and hoped that the next trip would be somewhere magical but a little less scary! She was particularly unfavourable about the ride on the Llama that Raffle insisted they should take. She never did like the camels in Marrakech, but the Llamas.....that was the last straw. She was hoping for calm...just a little calm.. a beach maybe.. with a pina colada and a sunbed...????   135... But no...the boy in Raffle had come to the surface,. It was DIsney land! That was their final destination. Ruffle tried so hard to look enthusiastic as Raffle placed a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on her little head and donned his Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice hat ready to take on all the rides and attractions.

Ruffle was faint on the Space Mountain ride, screamed for 14 minutes after the Runaway Train, cried at Small Small world ( it was so beautiful and all those poor children, trapped for eternity in a never ending show .....and that song they had to sing for hour upon hour....!!  ( poor Miss Ruffle did not realise that the children were just puppets...after all, some people have the nerve to say that she is "just a teddy...." !! They went on every single ride, Miss Ruffle was exhausted and really wanted to spend a quiet evening with her sweetheart. They had been away for two weeks now and she wanted to talk!


136... So, the final night of the honey moon was upon them. He had something very special planned for his princess.  He walked her down the busy crowded streets of Magic Kingdom. And stopped in front of Cinderella's Castle. The colours were changing in on the castle and never had she seen anything so beautiful. She was with her new husband, in a Princess dream, with the clear skies and the sounds of laughter ringing in her ears. What more could she dream of...maybe her wishes would indeed come true.   137... The castle changed to Ruffles favourite colour....PINK, could this be it, she thought ..the first sign of her wish...coming true?