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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

138... The lights had now gone, the sun had set and with that she closed her eyes and in the split second that she made her wish...the fireworks burst in the sky like an orchestra.  I wish I may, I wish I might, the first star I see tonight........................her eyes closed...she wished again, as hard as she could.   139... The next morning, Raffle and Ruffle brought all their souvenirs down to the foyer to pack. They had stayed in a beautiful hotel in Disney and met some amazing People.  They had many tales to tell of their travels and needed all these things to remind them , they had done so much in such a short time.. Ruffles loved her fans from China and Japan, Raffle was thrilled with his Sombrero from Mexico, he thought it made him look very All in all it was perfect, she would be so sad to leave in the morning, but she had but one thing left to do, she would take Raffle to that special place when the sun was rising, she would indeed have her wish.
140....So, that next morning, they travelled by Bus back to Magic Kingdom. She sat him down on the most romantic place she could find. The wishing well under Cinderella's Castle. Where she had made her wish...her wish that he would be happy with her for the rest of his life and that they woudl always be together and that today....would be the most special day in any little bears life.. and that he would not be shocked!

She took his paw in her hand and turned away from him for a split second.. just to build up her courage. Raffle. We have been away for two weeks and Married for not much longer.. I hope that you know how happy we can be, and that whatever life throws at us.. we will be fine. This was not quite what she had imagined, but what more could she ask for, the perfect setting, the perfect husband and now, the perfect finale to the honey moon... she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said...RAFFLE....there is no other way to tell you, I am so happy I could cry and hope you will be too...

WE ...................are ......................... HAVING A CUB!!!

With that Raffle ( as is his way) fell off the well and stayed motionless for a few minutes.. then he looked up.. with a tear in his button eye...and smiled.