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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


163..... Ruffles was now sitting in bed and baby was brought to her so they could share their first moments together. Ruffles was totally and utterly in love. She had this warm feeling in her excelsior, she felt 10 feet tall, not 10 inches.. she knew now that this was her destiny, to look after this helpless little boy and to bring him up as best she could. They shared a few quiet moments before there was a knock on her door.   164..... The excited Father , Raffles appeared with the midwife ( who Ruffles noticed bore a worryingly striking resemblance to Miss Ellie???) and they all posed for their first photograph together. They were now a family and the little boy completed the picture. He looked up at his Mummy and Daddy and Ruffles was sure she saw him smile. What a journey they all had before them, what an exciting future they would share. Ruffles had visions of the future already,. his Christening, his first birthday, his first day at school,  going fishing with Raffles, his first girlfriend...with that she stopped thinking! Just enjoy today Ruffles, Enjoy.


Born September 22nd 2005


Weight 33gms

length 3 3/4 inches