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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


183...... Raffles told Miss Ruffle, this had been the best year ever. He could never have believed when he arrived in that box a year ago, that he would be sitting here with his wife, with baby Snuffles sleeping upstairs. She was the world to him, they talked about all the things they had enjoyed. The ups and downs of married life, the comings and goings of the visiting "Ladies" at Blue Ribbon, the wedding, the honey moon ( oh the Honey moon...) and of course the arrival of Little Snuffles. The christening  (which they had to delay due to financial hardship, owing to Miss Ruffles insatiable desire to buy MORE clothes.. mmm)


184....  Miss Ruffle was indeed guilty of this one small fault.. obsessive shopping.. and she did, for once in her life.. look guilty

185.... They leant over the table and shared a gentle nose rub, to seal their affections for another year, Raffles was worried his nose may actually fall off if she rubbed it anymore. He whispered in her ear.. Honey, I have a little surprise for you.. come with me!   186.... The surprise was indeed that Raffles had remembered, remembered that Valentines was a time for thinking of others, what would make them happy, what would make them smile. And this time, he had succeeded, Ruffles was touched, what was in this beautiful box> He had even remembered to use last years Valentines card as a tag, the card that started this whole love affair, she looked a little surprised and said "Raffles, you are just toooo sweet".