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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


187...... She carefully lifted the lid on the beautiful box and there, inside, was her gift.. they had had to cancel the Christening for a few weeks due to her terrible overspending on gowns, she was hopeless with Credit cards and thought nothing of clicking "BUY it NOW" on any fancy frock. But this was perfect, not a gown for her.. but a stunning Victorian Christening gown for their baby Snuffles.


188....  Ruffles lifted the exquisite gown from its wrappings, He had even managed to find a lace gown to match the lace on the bottom of her wedding gown. She was speechless, totally speechless, he had excelled himself , that was for sure..

189.... The look on Ruffles face said it all, she just adored him, totally adored him, she could not wait to organise the Christening now, they had everything they needed, mainly each other. Raffles had a slightly different look on his face.. he reckoned he had won favour with his true for now,,,we wish them a happy evening , in private. Raffles looked over his shoulder and thought to himself, "tonight's the night boys....."  

A special Thank you to "Auntie Gay" , who was kind enough to present this hand made Antique Lace Valentines gift for Ruffle.

Raffles says "Thank YOU GAY!"!


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