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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

55..."Home Sweet Home", a lovely cross stitch -perfect, every stitch done by her sweet paw and framed in a  nice oak frame for her new home. Her sewing kit was carefully put away and ready for the next time.   56...Maud being of a nervous disposition, jumped when she heard a strange ringing sound..., what was that?   "Was that your phone Miss Ruffle?? Hold on , I'll get your legs..."
57...Maud brought Ruffle the phone and Miss Ruffle answered. " Hello" she whispered into the handset..."I'm sorry , there is an awful echo. I can't hear you..I will take the cover off and Maud and I will go Paws Free..."   58...Miss Ruffle sat back , could she believe what she was hearing...? Was this who she thought it was..? Was this truly her could not be after so long.. how did he find her so quickly, she only placed the advert last week????
59..."Yes - Ruffle , Honey it's me....Toddimus Truffle, Daddy.... I have finally found you after all these years. Where have you been , tell me how you are and what is happening in your life??" Ruffle told him her story, about meeting Raffles, the proposal, Miss Ellie...and now of course the Wedding...

"Oh Ruffle, NO! Not May 15th..please, I just  cannot make it in time ..the ship takes 6 weeks to get to England.. I just can't ..Miss Ruffle explained that the steamer had ceased to be some years ago and that it was just 8 hours by plane and that he could , surely he could. But no. Sadly Toddimus could not make the 15th...but he said it would be just fine and Dandy , if she would make it in early June.. a real SUMMER WEDDING!!! Miss Ruffle was not sure.. but she knew only one bear could give her away, and that was Toddimus.

  60...They agreed and Miss Ruffle and Maud hugged each other for comfort.. she was in all honesty a little worried... .how was she going to explain this to Raffles, how could she delay the wedding, how would he feel..( "relaxed - as always" grunted Maud with raised eyebrows) Ruffle knew that he would understand, that she could not wed without him to give her away, it would just not be right.....
61...Toddimus Truffle got a spring back into his hobnail boots. He was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing his oldest daughter again and would be the proudest bear in the world to give her paw in marriage to this...RAFFLE??? . To meet her again would be his dream, she was just a cub when he lost touch with her and would she have changed, would he recognise her, would she still have his eyes and her mothers nose??   62...He sat with the only photo of his daughter , taken some 73 years ago, he suddenly felt so tired, so old...and so far away. He started to day dream, and spent the evening staring at the tiny, slightly mouldy picture he had kept for so long. Not long my sweet Princess, not long.  He kissed the dusty glass and sighed....till we meet again.



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