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These are quite the most special pair of shoes we have ever featured at Blue Ribbon Shoes. These early c 1880 felt shoes  are absolutely charming, In red felt featuring hand painted decals of a circus theme. I Just adore these. Sadly I do not have a bear with the right size feet! They measure 5 1/2  inches long and would suit a slimmer foot as in a Steiff type bear rather than an chubby old farnell! he foot would need to measure no more than 4 1/4 inches long to accommodate the shoes shape. Personally I Just has to have these for the display purposes! BEAUTIFUL!



What a beautiful pair of knitted shoes in soft buttery silky knit. These will be perfect for a bear 14 - 16 inches as they are smaller than usual. No ties so can be slipped on over a pair of socks or on bare paws! CUTE!

Price 8


Cream knitted sock bootees, nice and used, but still good to wear! Cheap way of covering worn foot pads! needs a 3 1/2 inch foot!



A wonderful pair of very early softest of  soft kid leather moccasins style lace up boots. With beautiful stitched detail to the toe area. Some stitching has come away but I will have repaired these of course by the time ted gets them on his feet. Beautiful soft pale brown colour and a super pointed toe, just perfect for teddy feet. Measure 3 3/4 inches long so great for 14 - 16 inch bears.!




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