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These lovely moccasin shoes are in unworn condition and are just great for teddy feet around 31/4 - 3 1/2 inches in length , shoes are  4 inches! Brown leather uppers and soles with blue silk ribbon decoration. Lovely shoes with nice stitched detailing to the front.

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Gorgeous, Victorian soft velvet and leather high tops. Suitable for a bear with a 3" and a big foot! Fits my 18 inch Bing, if that helps. Wonderful worn boots with a piece of wear to underside of toe, which looks great. Very attractive and an Antique in their own right. These boots are fetching a fortune in the doll world!

35 ONLY!




These are a bit bizarre! BUT....if you have a bear with fairly straight legs and not huge feet, these would be perfect, Made in midnight blue velvet with hand worked embroidery around edges  and front, they have leather soles, and are nearly straight up and down. I do think that on a more traditional bears foot, with a longer toe, these could be worn with ties around the ankles in a deep navy or contrasting ribbon> The velvet is just so beautiful! easy to get on and off to!! Measures 4 inches across bottom. and 6 inches tall! Strange but beautiful!



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